FUSION 1 DAY (30pcs pack)

Safilens SKU: 30015091
Safilens FUSION 1 DAY (30pcs pack) -0.50 - Optica

FUSION 1 DAY (30pcs pack)

Safilens SKU: 30015091
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Fusion 1-Day

  • Innovative Fusion technology™
  • Prevention of dry eyes
  • Moisture storage with natural hyaluron and
  • Moisture storage with tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP)
The contact lens Fusion 1-Day with a water content of 60% was developed especially for people with sensitive eyes. It is characterized not only by the innovative Fusion technology, but also by its low thickness and excellent wearing comfort as well as an improved image.

Innovative technologies against dryness and tiredness of the eyes

Safilens's Fusion 1-Day contact lens made from Filcon IV material is manufactured using a special patented process known as Fusion Technology. This involves cross-linking tamarind seed polysaccharide (TSP) and the natural tear substitute hyaluron in the lens material. In this way, the contact lens always provides a continuous tear film, thus avoiding mechanical friction between the lens and the eyelid, even after many hours of wear. Drying out and tiredness of the eye is effectively prevented from the outset. 

Optimized imaging properties for a better visual experience

Physically, lenses have a so-called spherical aberration - also called spherical aberration. In this case, objects that are not in the area of maximum sharpness are displayed in different degrees of blur depending on their position. With Safilens Fusion 1-Day contact lenses, however, this aberration is corrected during the manufacturing process. This significantly improves the imaging properties of the daily disposable contact lens and thus the user's visual experience.
Content: 30 Contact Lenses
Interval of exchange: daily
Manufacturer: Conil
Material: Filcon IV Hyaluron + TSP
Water Content: 60%
Handling Tint light blue
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