OPEN 30 (6Pack)

Safilens SKU: 30022790
Safilens OPEN 30 (6Pack) -1.00 - Optica

OPEN 30 (6Pack)

Safilens SKU: 30022790
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OPEN 30 - 6 Pack

OPEN 30 was born from the desire to create a  contact lens with a minimal side effect (Minimal Side Effect) . A goal achieved not only through the use of an innovative material such as  Filcon 5  - the patented bio-silicone hydrogel at the base of the lens - but also through a careful analysis of every aspect of lac-anterior segment interaction aimed at eliminating the most common causes. known of "rejection" thanks to cutting-edge solutions. All this in absolute respect of ocular physiology.

The launch of OPEN 30 marks another fundamental step forward for Safilens with the aim of introducing a new  SYSTEM  for using a contact lens on the market.

OPEN 30, the first monthly silicone hydrogel lens based on the patented and already known Fusion Technology .

The revolutionary Open System includes contact lens, unique “ Reload ” solution and Ultrasound Generator ( Sonic Wave Generator ). The lens based on fusion technology ™ enjoys the combined action of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide (TSP®): this synergy, as is already known, is able to amplify the moisturizing, lubricating, mucomimetic effect, protective and cellular regeneration of individual polymers favoring the stability of the tear film.


  • MATERIAL: Filcon V (SiHy) Hyaluropolymer + TSP
  • WATER 45%
  • DIAMETER: 14.1mm
  • BASE CURVE: 8.70 mm
  • THICKNESS: 0.09 mm
  • DK / T 65 (-3.00 @ 35 ° C)
  • POWERS: -16.00 / +6.00

The result of a three-year research project, OPEN 30 is an extremely sophisticated and revolutionary product, entirely conceived by Italian minds to guarantee prolonged and completely natural well-being.

In the last decade, contactology, thanks to the application of new biomaterials, has made significant progress in improving the quality of life of lac users. However, phenomena such as dry eyes, dehydration, induced increased osmolarity and the presence of deposits have clinical implications of primary importance that are often at the origin of pathologies and deterioration of comfort.

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