FUSION 1 DAY (90pk)

Safilens SKU: 30016533
Safilens FUSION 1 DAY (90pk) -1.00 - Optica

FUSION 1 DAY (90pk)

Safilens SKU: 30016533
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Fusion 1 day by Safilens are the new contact lenses with high standards of quality, safety, hygiene and comfort. They represent the most advanced level in the choice of Safilens brand hydrogel lenses designed, in all aspects, for ocular health and well-being.

Fusion 1 day, specifications:

  • MATERIAL: Filcon IV Hyaluropolymer + TSP
  • WATER 60%
  • DIAMETER: 14.1mm
  • BASE CURVE: 8.60 mm
  • THICKNESS: 0.05 mm
  • DK / T40 (-3.00)
  • POWERS: -12.00 / +7.00

Hyaluronic acid molecules are able to retain a greater amount of water than their own weight. It is for this reason that contact lenses that contain it are more comfortable than lenses that do not have it. The synergy between hyaluronic acid and the TSP molecule present creates a bond that promotes superior wettability, comfort and hydration compared to other lenses.

The UV protection filter is present on this lens. UV rays are potentially dangerous to eye health.


The day range is completed by providing any wearer with a product suited to their needs. In fact, the line for astigmatism and presbyopia are also part of the family .

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