SAFE-GEL HYAL Multipurpose

Safilens SKU: 50000081
SAFE-GEL HYAL Multipurpose

SAFE-GEL HYAL Multipurpose

Safilens SKU: 50000081
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Multipurpose solution with hyaluronic acid for the care of all soft contact lenses

  • Quick and safe disinfection
  • Reconditioning and balance of the contact lens surface wettability
  • Ideal also for rinsing, it improves fitting comfort
  • COMPOSITION: PHMB 0.0001%; EDTA 0.1%; Macromolecular Hyaluronic Acid 0.01%; Excipients and Purified water ut to 100%.
  • BOTTLE SIZE: 100/360/500ml
  • SECONDARY PACKAGING: carton box (24 bottles)
  • LENS CASE: included (360/500ml only)
  • INDICATIONS: Multipurpose solution for disinfection, storage, cleansing, rinsing and hydration of all soft contact lenses. It prevents muco-protein deposits

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